Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 7-13, 2015

Science Tuesdays: Field Trip to the Science Mueseum!

Now that children are back in school and it is still a little early for field trips, our favorite places are empty again! It was so much fun to be able to have a private chemistry demonstration! 

Daddy finds the coolest things! This is part of an old Jurassic Park ride on arcade game! 

Skylar picked out a rock growing kit at the science mueseum! Here they are the morning we started the project.

After our lessons on Wednesday, we headed to the park for a "Happy Homeschool Day!" with many of the local homeschooling families. We made lots of new friends and enjoyed a picnic lunch and snow cones together!

Following the park, our best friends came over for our Rose Ceremony. It was such a beautiful event, and everyone is so excited about this year!

Sugar Bear cleaning out the experiement bins. 

This week also held the first Girl Scout meeting of the school year! Skylar was so stoked to get back into the swing of things and see her dear scouting friends. I can not believe that she is entering into her fourth year of scouting!

On Saturday, the children and I attended the local Peace Festival with out Spiral Scouts circle. Our circle had a table there to tell the community about ourselves and possibly recruit some new members! The kids had a fantastic time at the festival playing wit Legos and making crafts. 

The African dancers were our favorite performers. They were so talented and uplifting! 

Skylar participated in a Multi-Faith Ceremony, representing Buddhism, a religion randomly chosen for her to speak about and light a candle for. She did not want to read in front of that many people- but still had a fun time!

The very next day, we had our monthly meeting with our Spiral Scouts circle. The children are all working hard to memorize their respective vow- which is different in every level. Axel has memorized it and volunteered to lead the Raindrop Vow in front of all of his peers! I was so very proud.

We are having such a wonderful year!