Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Waldorf Inspired, Simple Christmas

For a little over a year, we have been undergoing the process of simplifying our toys. My goal was to have natural, quality, few, very simplified toys that encourage imagination. I informed Santa and our family of our goals and much to our delight, the children received some real treasures.

The following are the new art supplies that Santa brought to the school room.

Before Christmas, the kids had several dress up items, but always loved their rainbow silk. Santa must've seen that as well because he brought the kids several goodies from Sarah's Silks. Thankfully, they have seconds grab bags. We received a Dress-Up Boy bag, Dress-Up Girl bag, and Playsilks bag. The "seconds" are excellent quality.

Easy Tops

The big present from Santa was the dollhouse complete with family and furnishings.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Farm Train

Several of the next items are made by the wonderful, talented mama at Mama Made Them. Every item is so sturdy and beautifully made. 

Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake and Friends peg dolls.

Wool Balls

The next lovely treasure was from the children's Great Grandparents. They came across this Noah's Ark at a thrift store. It was missing a two of the animals in order to have pairs of every animal, so Great Grandpa made them! They all match beautifully, and I can't even tell which one's he made!

My brother's girlfriend made this beautiful star blanket for Sugar Bear. He adores it.

She also made this beautiful felted hat for Rainbow Girl.

This next gift was made by Namoo. It is a Little Red Riding Hood story telling doll! I just love it and Rainbow Girl does as well.

Here is Little Red Riding Hood.

Flip her dress up and over andddddd....

It's her Grandma!

Flip Grandma's hat over andddd...

It's the wolf in Grandma's dress!

Treehaus Wooden Workbench

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