Monday, September 24, 2012

September 8-14, 2012

Week two! We have had a very fun week! We started the week at one of our favorite vineyards helping with their grape harvest. It was a very fun experience! Both kids thought it was super fun, and we learned a lot about the harvest process as we were able to go to the winery afterwards to watch them de-vine and smash the grapes. (Sadly, this was not done by smashing the grapes with your feet as I had hoped.)

Ready to be picked!

Babywearing Grandma

Sugar Bear realized that we were really picking grapes, and finally enjoyed the experience. :)

nom nom

nom nom

"Mom! I found a TENDRIL!"

Hot tired babies having a snack and a rest.

Sugar Bear coloring with the winemaker's granddaughter while Mommy and Grandma enjoyed a wine tasting.

Watching the de-vining.

Sugar Bear checking out the "Grape Bed" as it was explained to them. "The grapes rest in their beds for a while while they wait to be turned into wine."

Balance Girl

Sugar Bear looking sweet.

Rainbow Girl loves  moss.

Sugar Bear likes to stab moss with Mommy's keys.

Nummy ice cream after a long walk in the park.

Rainbow Girl coloring in our school room's calendar.

Picture of the beach.

Dress Up Time!

A week or so ago, Rainbow Girl and I made home made water color paints. They look great right? That what I thought too. We added water, just as you would do with regular water color paints. The color painted on to the paper very nicely, but when it dried, the color was practically gone and it was puffy and chalky. The second time we attempted painting with the colors, it appeared that all the color was gone. All the color had risen to the top on the paint cups (even after MUCH stirring and using a few more drops of color than in the recipe when making them) and after one time painting, no color was left. We will not be making this recipe again. Please let me know if you have come across one that worked better for you!

Pretty paints in mini muffin tin.

Adding water

Sugar Bear snuggling under a play silk and having a snack.

Painting an Autumn tree.
After the paint had dried.

Bubble Time!

We ordered new (beeswax) candles for our morning verse.

The letter D

Rainbow Girl learned how to draw stars this week!

Helping Mommy make lists of things we need to pack for vacation.

More bubbles! 

I love his silly closed eyes smile.

Playdate with some fabulous homeschooling buddies.

Rainbow Girl ready to go to her first Spanish and Art classes! (She had a fantastic  time!)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 3-7, 2012

This was our first official week of homeschooling, and we had a very fun time! As I talked about in my Not Back To School post, Rainbow Girl and I did Kindergarden last year and are doing First Grade this year. Sugar Bear is only two, but in an effort to include him in "school", we are calling him a preschooler.
Day 1 in our school room, holding their morning candles.

Watching the candles before saying our morning verse.
"Upon the Earth, I stand upright.
I reach my arms up to the light.
My feet Earth bound remain.
Hands and feet together again.
The sky above, the Earth below,
And here in the center am I"

Practicing the letter "A"

Practicing lowercase "b"

We talked about all the fun things we had done over the summer. She drew a picture in her notebook. I wrote the words on the board and she came and rewrote the words.

Rainbow watercolor painting.

Short a and long a sounds

Tuesday was the Not Back To School Homeschooler's picnic

At the Not Back To School Homeschooler's picnic

At the Not Back To School Homeschooler's picnic

After Axel went down for a nap, we went down to the school room and drew pictures from the story we read the night before, The Magic Spindle.

She then requested to write her numbers.

Math gnomes! Add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Axel was stung by a bee on Sunday. Since then, Skylar has wanted to know everything she can about bees. This afternoon we watched youtube videos about bees.

Sugar Bear helping me make lunch while eating all the hummus.

Drawing pictures from the story we had just read, The Bear's Child. 
Big B and little b.
"Mommy, I am going to be the teacher and teach you your shapes. Can you draw me an octagon so that I can turn it into a stop sign?"

Rainbow Girl asked to buy a big bunch of brocoli at the store, and then asked to cut it on her  own.

She did an amazing job, and ate a lot of it!
Thursday was my first day delivering produce in our area through a local coop. We had a great time doing it, until the sky opened up and we had to drive through terrible rain and some flooded streets. We finally made it home and played in the rain since we were already drenched.

Puddle time!

Checking out our produce.

After a bath and putting Sugar Bear down for a nap, Rainbow Girl and I went downstairs and did our morning verse.

Mommy checking her plans.

The letter C.  I helped her spell the words that she came up with.

I opened our box of Unifix Cubes and started playing with them. The following are all creations and ideas directly from Rainbow Girl.

Counting Unifix Cubes

Stacking Unifix Cubes

Making stairs

Rainbow Girl

Playing "The Sleeping Beauty Game"

Eating Bananas and looking at the fog.

Donut party with our awesome homeschooling friends. 

Trying to turn on the see saw with my keys.
This week I had some realizations. My plan was to follow the Oak Meadow curriculum, and that was what we were going to do. The kids do not like every aspect of that so far, and really, what is the point of homeschooling if one can not adapt to the children's needs. The plan from here on out is to follow the kids' lead, more or less an unschooling approach, with inspiration from the curriculum. Rainbow Girl really likes the ritual of doing the verse, candle and exercises every time we "start school" and she also likes having some "school" time. 

Next week, Rainbow Girl will have her first Spanish and Art classes with a group of other homeschoolers. We should also hear soon when Girl Scouts starts. We plan to start knitting while on our beach trip, and will begin playing the recorder when we return. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our first week and continue to follow us on our journey. :)