Wednesday, April 24, 2013

March 25-31, 2013: Easter Week!

We had a super fun, crafty Easter week. 

I packed up all of our snow pants and heavy winter clothes, so of course, the week started with snow.

After trying needle felting for the first time at playgarden, I had the courage to order a couple needle felting kits. The first we tried was a rabbit kit, perfect for Easter week. Rainbow Girl had an awesome time reading the instructions to me and helped with the needle felting.

We did not finish her until Easter Day, but here she is!

When Sugar Bear woke up, we got started on painting our Easter eggs. This is the second year that we have painted wooden eggs, verses dying real eggs. They are much more fun when they can be played with all year long!

We purchased our eggs from Nova Natural. I bought six for each child and set them up with their water colors to go to town.

The next day, we had Playgarden with our lovely friends. For craft time, we sanded wooden block to be used for toys, then had snack and a wonderful story.

After Playgarden, the children and I went to my parent's house to plant more seeds to put in my mom's greenhouse. We have quite the stash of starter plants going. We can't wait to put them in the garden!

On Saturday, the children and I planted four new tree seedlings in our front yard: two dogwoods and two red buds. They loved digging the holes, gently handling the seedlings, and filling the holes back up.

After they were all carefully planted, we spread mulch around and watered them.

Later that day, we had an Easter egg hunt with our best friends down the road. It was a lovely morning and the kids had a ball searching for eggs together.

Aren't they just crazy cute?

After nap time, we went back outside to put a beeswax finish on our now dry Easter eggs. The beeswax made the colors much more rich, and the eggs so soft and smooth.

Now we come to Easter Day! In both children's baskets there was a stethoscope, pediatric blood pressure cuff, books, a pocket gnome, and of course, a chocolate rabbit. In Rainbow Girl's basket there was a special rainbow tutu, wings and wand set. In Sugar Bear's there was a set of alphabet bean bags. A larger gift for them both was the magnet maze.

It was forecast to rain Easter morning, so we set out very early for our hunt. 

Sure, why not, check the blood pressure in your foot.

Not too long after the hunt, it did start to rain, and with the rain came Grandma with more Easter goodies! After opening their gifts from Grandma, we all joined her at her house for another hunt and Easter festivities.

We had a wonderful Easter, and I hope you did too. :)