Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rainbow Girl's Sixth Birthday: May 15th, 2013

Two days before my Rainbow Princess turned six, we celebrated with our wonderful playgarden group. We did our regular songs during circle time and then all listened to her Rainbow Bridge story together. The Early Learning Circle group then gathered for lessons- where they read one of her favorite stories and drew letters in the dirt with sticks.

Rainbow Girl was given her crown early so that she could wear it to Playgarden.

Rainbow Girl's Rainbow Bridge Story

The handwork of the day was sewing bags for our meal kits so that every family can bring their own dishes to Playgarden.

Then came the time for lunch, birthday ring and cupcakes. Unfortunately, my kids were very tired by this point in the day because it was an hour past nap time. Sugar Bear started fussing and misbehaving which lead to Rainbow Girl being upset that he was interrupting her birthday song. You can see how upset she is when blowing out the candles. (Her friend helped her.)

Rainbow Girl is SIX!

Her actual birthday began with presents. The main thing she had been asking for was a Alice in Wonderland costume. I looked high and low to find a costume that wasn't cheaply made of that silky costume fabric that doesn't wash well and tatters quickly. Rainbow Girl wears the heck out of costumes. I finally found it here. It is so sturdy and beautiful.

Her big birthday request, however, was to go bowling. (We also did this last year on her birthday.) She requested to invite one of her special friends from Playgarden and Girl Scouts. We all had a lovely morning at the bowling alley together. The alley staff even blew up a few balloons for her after hearing that it was her birthday.

The children's BIG present was a barn and full set of Ostheimer Farm figures. The barn, used and needing minor work, was given  to us by the wonderful mama who runs Playgarden! As you see in this picture, a third of the barn is missing. It was delivered later that night by Paka who was finishing fixing it up. The barn also has roof pieces and a large fence!

After supper and after all the grandparents were out of work, we had a very small get together for Rainbow Girl. She received some lovely gifts, we did a birthday donut tower (Namoo's idea), and the birthday ring. My brother and his girlfriend, who could not make it, called in via FaceTime to sing happy birthday with everyone and to ask RG how her birthday was. 

It was a beautiful day to celebrate my sweet baby and the day that I became a mama.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sugar Bear's Third Birthday, May 12, 2013

My sweet boy is officially THREE!
We celebrated all week with a party at Playgarden and a Mommy/Sugar Bear day painting and playing at Petsmart. His official birthday (that fell on Mother's Day) started off with a few presents from Mommy and Daddy.
He got his spectacular Waldorf crown from Beneath the Rowan Tree (that he refused to wear), a set of metal tractors, and a set of handmade tools from Mama Made Them (My favorite mama-owned company- we got many of our Christmas presents from her.).

Later in the day, we went to Namoo and Paka Jack's house. Great Nana and Great Grandpa were still in town from the wedding. Sugar Bear got to do two of his favorite things: Play Doh and Bubbles.

Namoo made Sugar Bear a "cake" with a giant bowl of strawberries! He loved it. :)

When we got home later, we sang happy birthday as a family and Sugar Bear blew out his birthday ring.