Friday, July 26, 2013

May 5-11, 2013

This week, we celebrated Sugar Bear's Birthday at Playgarden. We gathered to do his Rainbow Bridge story, do the birthday ring, and have cupcakes together. So much thanks to the mamas that made this celebration so special for my little guy. :)

This is Sugar Bear's Rainbow Bridge story as told by my dear friend, Lisa. 

Here is a pocket gnome made by one of the wonderful mamas at co op.

The next day, (yes, Sugar Bear is still wearing his jersey) I decided to take Sugar Bear to do some special activities to celebrate his birthday when we had some alone time while Rainbow Girl was in Spanish class. We went to Gather and Glaze and then to Petsmart. He loves to walk around Petsmart and look at all of the animals. :)

Mama's Gnome 

I want to take a moment to profess how proud I am of Rainbow Girl for completing her first year of Spanish class! She has made some wonderful friends, and has enjoyed beginning to learn another language! 

She is very excited to classes to start up again in September. 

Later that night, we had one of our super-awesome-special bestest friends over. My kids love this kid so much. We did some coloring together and then played outside. 

Nursing our three year olds. (Photo Credit: Rainbow Girl)

The day before Sugar Bear's birthday, and four days before Rainbow Girl's Birthday, we made tie dye birthday shirts. (Along with several mama shirts)

When we had dyed everything, we still had a little mixed dye left over. We didn't want to waste it, so I went and grabbed a white towel. They loved dying the towel, and it is a favorite around here now.

May 3-4- The Wedding!

I love my Sister In Law. I have always wanted a sister, and she has more than lived up to all I could ever want. She has been one of my most dear and true friends for the past (almost) nine years that I have been with her brother. 

When she began her relationship with her now husband, I knew he was special. He treats her wonderfully and has always been a wonderful uncle figure to my children. They have been together since before Rainbow Girl was born, so they never knew family with out him!

When I told Rainbow Girl that Auntie M was going to marry T and that he would become her uncle, saying she was excited would be quite an understatement. Also, T has a wonderful son from a previous relationship, and when informed that he would become her cousin, she jumped for joy. 


After much planning and waiting, the day before the big day finally arrived! The families were gathering and the wedding party gathered to rehearse the ceremony. Rainbow Girl was the flower girl and I was a bridesmaid. 

After the rehearsal, the bride and groom went to rest while we went and gathered with the family in town from Canada. For most of the family, it had been years since we had seen each other. Babies had been born, children had grown, and there were lots of stories to be told. 

Wedding Day!

The next day, Rainbow Girl and I met Auntie M at the beauty salon to have RG's hair done. After looking at a few choices, she decided that she wanted the same style as Auntie M.

Twinsies :)

After the salon, Auntie M and I had a quiet lunch together at a local restaurant before we all headed to the venue to get ready and take pictures. 

After all the family pictures were taken, a big life event occurred for Rainbow Girl!! She lost her first TWO teeth! No, you didn't read that wrong, TWO TEETH! At the same time! While wearing a white dress! Thankfully, nothing got on her dress. 

She was SO proud and went around to every guest at the wedding, even people she did not know at all, and told them, "I just lost my FIRST TWO TEETH!!", and proceeded to show them her teeth holes.

The little one on the left is a family friend's daughter. She was 6 months old at my baby shower with Rainbow Girl. The cutie on the right is Rainbow Girl's cousin, also 6 months older than her.

Hubby and his wonderful Mom.

Rainbow Girl telling strangers about her tooth holes.

It was a beautiful wedding that I was so honored to be a part of. I am so excited to have T as my brother in law, and also very excited that I became an Aunt that day!

After the wedding, we gathered again with the family from Canada. Sugar Bear had gone home early from the wedding with my mom, so it was just Rainbow Girl, Daddy and I. 

Thank you to Brittany York Photography for the pictures!

Since the wedding, the Best Man, "Lil Sonny", tragically passed away. He was only 38 years old. Love and light to his wife, children, and family.