Sunday, June 30, 2013

April 29- May 3, 2013

Beautiful, glowing Mama

Playgarden May Day Celebration!

Aren't these walls beautiful??? The magical Playgarden mama painted them with watercolors and sponges!! This is definitely on the project list for the school room. 

Gardening With Daisies

This week, in connection with earning their Flower Garden Journey badge, the girls voted to come to our house to work on my garden! We had a talk about gardening, and then each girl had a chance to plant a few cucumber seedlings and a few sugar snap pea seeds. After we were done planing, they all had a chance to water the garden.

Bunnies! Daddy was out mowing our back field when he very sadly noticed he had run over a baby bunny. :( Knowing that there is never just one bunny, he looked around. Sure enough, there were two more baby bunnies in the burrow he had just uncovered by mowing. In an effort to give them the best chance of making it, he nudged them into a bin so that he could finish mowing. The kids loved looking at the sweet baby bunnies. 

After Daddy was done mowing, we brought them back to their burrow that daddy had built back up as much as possible with straw and grass clippings. 

Handsome Daddy <3